What subjects can I study?

MA: Mandatory OP: Optional WO: Workshop

*ESRP reserves the right to modify the subjects offered according to the development of the Program and the number of students registered. The Academic Coordination will inform of any changes sufficiently in advance.

Name of the subject Number of ECTS Type of the subject
First semester Advertising Techniques 6 MA
Public Relations Techniques 6 MA
Advertising Creativity 6 MA
Marketing Plan 6 MA
Financial and Business Management 6 MA
Social Behaviour and Group Dynamics 6 OP
Leadership and Training of Work Teams 6 OP
Advertising in Specialized Sectors 6 OP
Public Relations in Specialized Sectors 6 OP
Measurement and evaluation of digital Public Relations 2 WO
Creating an ads portfolio 2 WO
The fashion industry 2 WO
Corporate Visual Identity: How are brands built? 2 WO
Contents marketing 2 WO
Marketing for audio-visual products. Institutional campaigns on TV. 2 WO
Managing stress in the field of communication 2 WO
Scientific research applied to the Final Project 2 WO
Strategy in social media: the communication plan and online public relations 2 WO
360 campaigns. How to combine online and offline advertising for a greater impact. 2 WO
Introduction to Digital Marketing, Mobile and content strategies for Social Media 6 WO
Product Placement: integration of brands and products in audio-visual fiction 2 WO
Social Media Marketing: the digital consumer 2 WO
Art direction and design for advertising, film and TV 2 WO
Visual language for advertising, film and TV. 2 WO
Crisis Communication 2 WO
Formation of Spokespeople 2 WO
Events Business Management 2 WO
Techniques for events organization 2 WO
Audio-visual Communication. Creating a TV program 2 WO
Musical techniques for creativity increase 2 WO
Second semester Planning and Advertising Media 6 MA
Advertising and Public Relations Legislation 6 MA
Human Resources 6 MA
English: Speaking 6 MA
Agenda Setting and Pressure Groups 6 OP
New Technologies Applied to Advertising 6 OP
Corporate Social Responsibility 6 OP
Negotiation Techniques and Decision Making 6 OP
Protocol: Theory and Technique 6 OP
New Technologies Applied to Public Relations 6 OP
Advertising Graphics Creation: Art & Copy 6 WO
Design and digital illustration applied to the corporate image with Adobe Illustrator 2 WO
Advertising design and retouching with Adobe Photoshop 2 WO
Communication in the luxury sector 2 WO
Marketing for audio-visual products. Institutional campaigns on TV. 2 WO
Reduce your stress and improve your performance with mindfulness 2 WO
Creating an advertisement for the Internet 2 WO
Advertising Creativity applied to problem solving 2 WO
Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro 2 WO
Political Communication 2 WO
Introduction to Writing Creation 2 WO
The Inboud marketing: selling through automation marketing 2 WO
Public presentations – improve your image 2 WO
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